Top 10 Features

  • New Problem and Solution sections.
    The Intent section in the GoF design patterns book is "A short statement that answers the following questions:
    What does the design pattern do? [Solution]
    What is its rationale and intent?
    What particular design issue or problem does it address?" [GoF, p6]

    For providing a more structured and better comparable description of the intent, separate Problem and Solution sections have been introduced.
  • Problems are described by consistent How can…? questions. For example:
    How can responsibilities be added to an object dynamically? [Decorator]
    How can an object be configured with an algorithm? [Strategy]
    How can an application be independent of how its objects are created? [Abstract Factory]
  • Switching between different sections.
    For example, when switching from the Problem to the Solution section, the UML diagrams clearly show the design differences, i.e., how the design pattern solves the problem.
  • Switching between different patterns.
    Switching between different design patterns makes it easy to understand how they differ.
  • GoF Design Patterns Update.
    Design patterns that are not included in the 23 GoF design patterns but are widely used. In this release, the Dependency Injection design pattern has been added.
  • Design Patterns Overview.
    A Design Patterns Overview diagram is provided that makes comparing and switching between different design patterns easier.
  • UML diagrams.
    To fully understand a design, both the compile-time view (UML class diagram) and the run-time view (UML sequence diagram) are provided and discussed if applicable.
  • Ready-to-run examples.
    Examples are provided for showing how to implement a design pattern in an object-oriented language such as Java, from basic "Hello World!" examples to advanced ones.
  • New Assessment section.
    To test your knowledge, and to prepare for the certification exam, a separate Assessment section has been added.
  • Online certification now available.
    Raise your career and become a GoF Design Patterns Certified Professional.