GoF Design Patterns Certification

How does it work?

After you Register for Certification, you can Login for Certification and take the certification exam at any time.

Certification Fee: $99.00

The exam consists of 20 questions that must be answered within 40 minutes.
The questions are based on the material covered by this site and the test assessments that are provided for each design pattern (in the Assessment section).

To get certified, 75% correct answers are needed.
To get certified with excellence, 95%.

While taking the exam, you will see your current score and the remaining time.
After completing the exam, you will see your status (passed/failed) and total score, and you will get an email with your certification details and your certificate as pdf attachment.

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After registration, you can Login for Certification (with your email and password) and take the certification at any time. If you fail the exam or want to improve your score, you can repeat the registration and certification process (as often as needed).

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